Expanding the Cardano Ecosystem

United Stakes of Cardano is a Cardano Service Provider. We provide a reputable, secure, and cost-effective stake pool  that allow holders of the ADA cryptocurrency to earn rewards for helping us power the Cardano network.

We also promote the use and adoption of the Cardano blockchain through our youtube channel and media and offer a handful of other services like blockchain development consulting services including smart contract / dApp development, marketing, and videography.

Our Services

Stake Pool Operations

Are you a large holder of ADA that wants the benefits of running a stake pool but do not have the time or technical know how?  We will setup, run, maintain, market your stake pool so that you can get the benefits without having to worry about operations.

Smart Contract & Dapp Consulting

Have an idea for Dapp or smart contact to deploy on Cardano? We have the resources to get you started. Whether it’s finding developers, marketing, legal, and strategy. We are excited to bring new and existing project onto the Cardano network.

Videography & Production

Currently, we run one of the most successful Cardano newscast in the industry. We have the expertise and resources to produce professional video and audio content for your project that make it stand out of the crowd.

Our Expertise


Our team is always knows the latest information and practices to stay compliant when it comes to cryptocurrency and Dapp projects.


No project can survive without a solid media strategy. Our team knows how to create a media strategy that will put your project on top of everybody's list.


Throughout the years we have developed a network of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs that are ready to team up. Our team will help with operations and resources to get your project developed and deployed.

Meet with our Team

We loved to hear from you to figure out how we can help you solve your needs and grow your company.