Our Mission

Whether it is staking with us or another pool, we strive to give ADA holders the tools and information to make informed decisions on how to delegate their stake. More importantly, we’d like you to join us in securing the Cardano Network and further the advancing the Cardano ecosystem.

The Team


Operations & Strategy
Over 10 years of experience in consumer finance and banking focusing on regulatory, risk, and strategy across the public and private sectors. Responsible for non-technical pool operations & strategy.


I.T. & Engineering
Over 7 years of experience working at NASA as a Senior Systems Engineer. Co-founder of an AI data analytics platform. Responsible for running and maintaining the stake pool servers.


Media & Marketing
Over 15 years of broadcasting experience both on and off camera. Graduate degree in Public Relations. Crypto enthusiast. Responsibilities include strategic communication and video production.

A Reliable Staking Pool

The United Stakes of Cardano is a staking pool created and run by an experienced team of individuals.  Fascinated by Cardano’s professional research, we decided to participate in the system by creating a simple and reliable staking pool. Based out of Washington D.C., the staking pool is a robust dedicated server with relay nodes across various continents with near 100% availability.  We are excited to participate in securing the system and help the community grow.