Staking Fees

  • Treasury Fee = 5%
  • Fixed Cost Fee = 340 ADA
  • Pool Fee for USA01 = 2.39%

There are a total of three staking fees that every delegator should be aware of. These fees help support stake pool operations and the Cardano Ecosystem as a whole.

1. Treasury Fee

Set at 5%, this percentage of rewards automatically go to the Cardano treasury each epoch. The purpose of the treasury is to help encourage the long-term development and maintenance of Cardano. ADA stakeholders will have the option of voting on projects that are proposed to the community.

2. Fixed Cost Fee

This is the estimated operational cost of the stake pool. The developers of Cardano have set a minimum required fee of 340 ADA. The minimum operation cost puts focus on the amount of pledge and prevents pool owners to claim extremely low operating cost to in hopes of gaining more delegators. United Stake of Cardano will always keep this fee at the minimum required.

3. Pool Fee for USA01

The Pool Fee, set by pool operators, is the reward or profit taken by the pool operator for compensation for the efforts of running and maintaining the stake pool. We believe that setting it at 3.5% will attract delegators and be competitive among other pools in the ecosystem.

More Info

We want to ensure that delegators get the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) by providing a a seamless experience (set it and forget it) while running a reliable pool. We will notify our followers of any updates or changes to the fees. Play with the numbers and get an estimate of your ROI with the staking calculator provided by the developers. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy Staking!

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