The Technical Specifications

  • Bare-Metal Dedicated Server
  • 8 Core, 16 Thread Intel Xeon D-2141I Processor
  • 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC 2133MHz
  • 2×500 GB NVMe SSD Hard Drives
  • 1 Gbps – Guaranteed Bandwidth

Why Did We Choose this Configuration?

At United Stakes of Cardano, we wanted to create a solid foundation for our stake pool. A bare-metal server enables us to fully customize our infrastructure. This will enable us to meet the current needs as staking and delegation begins and also prepare for the future as the network matures. We have enough resources to participate in any type of testing that is required by developers without compromising the performance of the USA01 stake pool. In addition, we’ll be ready for when of stake pools begin providing additional services.

Like other stake pools, we treat running a stake pool like running as a small business, therefore we chose to have our server located at a reputable data center in Northern Virginia. The data center has given us a guaranteed 1 Gbps bandwidth along with near 100% uptime. In addition, they provide a robust DDOS protection mechanism which is important because as Cardano grows so will the amount of bad actors attempting to sabotage the network.

If you have any questions about our configuration or specifications drop a comment below, or you can find us on our telegram channel. We hope you join us in helping to secure the Cardano Network.

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