Passive Income
Made Simple

Stake with United Stakes of Cardano [USA01] to earn 4-6% on your ADA.  We provide a reputable, secure, and cost-effective stake pool  that allow holders of the ADA cryptocurrency to earn rewards for helping us power the Cardano network.

4- 0 %

Join Us and Help Secure the Network

Safe and Secure

We will never ask for your private keys. Stake your ADA by joining United Stakes of Cardano directly using the Daedalus or Yorori Wallet.

Low Fees

Our goal is to become one of the most reliable staking pools on the network. We offer competitive fees which are used to cover operational costs of the staking pool.


Our servers will be available around the clock ensuring consistent distribution of ADA rewards to the stakers. Any updates regarding server uptime will be shared with our users.