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Fixed Fee
Dedicated Server

A robust server outfitted with the latest components; 8 Core Intel Xeon CPU, 32 GB RAM, and NVMe SSD Storage. The block producer, along with a few relays have their respective virtual machine and allocated resources.

1 Gbps Bandwidth

With a guaranteed bandwidth of 1 Gbps, the block producer and relay nodes located on the bare-metal server will have no problem keeping up with the demands of the network. In addition, our provider has specialized DDOS Protection to mitigate malicious attacks.

Distributed Relay Nodes

Aligning with the goal of decentralization, there are relay nodes spread throughout the DC Metro Area. As growth continues, node will be set up around the world. These nodes ensure the block producer is receiving the correct information.

Join Us and Help Secure the Network

Safe and Secure

We will never ask for your private keys. Stake your ADA by joining United Stakes of Cardano directly using the Daedalus or Yorori Wallet.

Low Fees

Our goal is to become one of the most reliable staking pools on the network. We offer competitive fees which are used to cover operational costs of the staking pool.


Our servers will be available around the clock ensuring consistent distribution of ADA rewards to the stakers. Any updates regarding server uptime will be shared with our users.

Expert Team

The staking pool is managed by an experienced team who are motivated to contribute to the Cardano Ecosystem.

Stay Updated

Never stay in the dark. We keep stake holders updated on the status of the network and of the staking pool.


Using various secure and accessible cloud infrastructures will allow us to scale and create servers around the world to allow more people to participate in the network.